Students' Voices/生徒からの声

●Mr. Matthew Grieder

I was very satisfied with Ms. Ito's classes. She was able to arrange classes to fit my schedule, and was also able to customize her lessons to suit my individual needs as a student. When I was confused, she was able to explain things in English quickly and clearly. I have studied Japanese with many teachers, and Ms. Ito is one of the very best teachers I have had. I was completely satisfied with Ms. Ito and would be happy to have her as a teacher in the future.
Matthew Grieder, lawyer
(passed JLPT 1)



●Ms. Sorim Jie

Naomi Ito Sensei
It was beginning of 2007 when I first met her, and I have not regretted once since then choosing her as my Japanese teacher. She has amazing teaching skills tailored to every individual whether it is for conversational, grammar, reading, test preparation or combination of all.

When I first started, I had my ears catching Japanese quite quickly and understanding basic conversations, but did not dare to speak it out loud as I didn't have to speak Japanese at my office. Realizing that, Naomi sensei never spoke to me in English, despite the fact that she is totally fluent, but always in Japanese and was patient until I answer things in Japanese. While doing so, it naturally induced me to speak more and more. Also, she always made her lessons in connection with real life situations, for example, when I finished the lesson on how to talk on the phone, she forced (but with no threatening ;)) me to call 104 and had me ask the phone number of a restaurant. Surprisingly, it worked out OK and it actually made me break through my fear of speaking Japanese in the real world. What was more practical was that she was very aware of cultural differences between Japan and foreign countries so that her teaching was easier to understand.

Not limited to the practical aspect, she gave quite formal lessons regarding grammar and Kanji, which made the lessons more diverse. When I was preparing for Japanese Language Proficiency Tests, she would recommend good materials for preparation and gave good tips for studying and choosing the right answer, not to mention giving me right amount of homework, which most of time I could not finish them all however small amount it had, and kind explanations. 

It has been more than 2 years but I have never been gotten tired of learning from her as she approached with different teaching methods. In addition, she always made a huge effort to be flexible with schedule, which enabled me to study with her such a long time. It is always good to have a teacher who understands me and knows what I need to improve on. 

However, my stay in Japan is getting to an end, which is sad and unfortunate, but I would love to find her again if I should have another chance to come back to Japan. I am very grateful to her for what she has done for me so far. One thing that makes me jealous is that she is and will be the same nice and excellent teacher to every other student, not just for me, which makes her greater teacher. 
Thank you again, Naomi sensei!  (passed JLPT1)



Naomi Ito


Hometown: born and grew up in Tokyo

Education: New York University, BA in Economics

               Chuo University, BA in Law

Work: Aeon as an English teacher 1993-1999

         Self-employed English/Japanese teacher 1999-present